What To Do In Order To Successfuly Sell Your Horse Property

Lil´ Lightning just won his final race, making it the most famous horse to finish 1st for the tenth consecutive time. If anything, life has taught you to stay away from mean looking dudes and being the risky soul that you are, you establish a bet against those same guys. You lose, those words infinitely linger in the back of your head. Your horse the only thing that you loved the most, the only income that you had, vanished in the blink of an eye. With a large equestrian property left, and bad memories through the years, you decide to sell said property, but you apparently do not know where to begin. If by any chance this story is similar to your life (at least the horse property selling portion, then this little read is for you, focusing on some aspects to polish, ensuring you the sale of your horse property. For more information and guidance on the subject click here.

Here is what to do for a successful sale

  • Clean is the key! Stressing this step will never suffice, as everyone seems to do just the opposite. Buyers will never overlook the fact that there is dirty laundry on the floor or dirty dishes in the rack (referring a typical house). Now the deal changes immensely with a horse property. Buyers will turn away your horse property if it is not well kept, and in tip-top conditions.
  • The scent and its power. The only great companion to a visually pleasing plot of land, is, of course, a pleasant, welcoming smell. Never underestimate the power of vanilla or cinnamon candles.
  • Organize. Now is the time to rearrange your horse saddles, boots, hooves, brushes, and related items. Keep in mind all clutter, magazines, piles of mail. The key here is to clean and organize anything that hints the buyer that you live in the house. Take care of the mess, and make the customer believe it is an inhabited equestrian land.
  • Lighting. Often dimly lit places, or where not enough light is allowed in, turns customers off, preferring those that are well lit. Dark homes are compared to being caves. Do not be afraid of opening your doors and windows. Sometimes a nicely lit room and fresh breeze of air are enough to interest the buyer in your property.
  • The barn and grounds. Invite the customers by keeping the area clean, weed-free. Those well-kept grounds are sure to astonish some potential buyers. Tidy up the place by parking all of your heavy equipment, vehicles and horse trailers in contained area, all facing the same direction (gives a sense of organization to the place). Keep all shovels, rakes, carts, tools in a shed. Get rid of that manure and consequentially the flies, giving away an even cleaner aspect of the property. Well kept horses in a well-kept environment will likely raise some brows and attract bundles of buyers.

After reading this list, you might think it´s a lot of work, and it is. Surely after doing a few steps of the list, your property will be on the way to a secure sale. For more information on how to maintain a clean equine land take a look at this video.